La Dispensa dell'Etna ,here, in the atmosphere and medieval walls, you will taste flavours and scents of the territory: wines ,liqueurs and typical products  of Etna and Alcantara and an excellent cuisine of local tradition .

In the historical centre of the medieval town
of Castiglione di Sicilia, which has a great agricultural and artisan heritage, we can find "La dispensa dell'Etna". This restaurant represents an expression of an exhaustive research and selection of the best food and wine traditions of the volcano Etna and the river Alcantara. "La dispensa dell'Etna" is near the wonderful square of S. Antonio Abate, where there is also the homonymous church of the seventeenth century, decorated with the inlayed marble of the master Amato.

The rooms of "La dispensa dell'Etna" are
        very old: in fact, during the reconstruction,             
some medieval sandstone objects and a
well were found. 



We must also mention the roof and the sandstone architraves of the two internaI doors.  

The well, once used to gather water, has now been turned into a little cellar containing some very good wine of Etna.

The food and wine products which constitute
the typical dishes of "La dispensa dell'Etna" are as vast and rich as the territory of Castiglione. Tourists, tasting our specialities, will live the historical moments of past Sicilian events. Moreover, "La dispensa dell'Etna" gives the possibility to take away a piece of the earth, the perfume, the hospitality of our volcano Etna and our river Alcantara.

Place endowed with an outdoor dining area, from where you can admire the surrounding magnificent palaces.


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